The Mission

We are not just another brand. Our mission is to create a movement that is a reminder and a symbol of defiance to the ever more prevalent injustices of today’s society.
The ideologies and ignorance’s of the past are slowly fading but not without a fight. We are all the only hope of a fair and just future. Non-participation can not be an option anymore.
Too often, brands and other companies shy away from having an opinion on matters of injustice and politics. We were born to do the opposite.
- Live Free or Die -
Changes we've made this year - 
As of January 2020, all our fabrics are sourced, manufactured, and finished in the UK or Western Europe to ensure the best level of quality.
Right now, all future designs will be inspired and directed towards raising awareness to current social and political injustices.
By the end of 2020 all our packaging will be 100% recyclable.
A reknewed focus on high quality limited quantity releases.